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It has been several weeks and my rubber band gun order hasn't gotten here yet. What should I do?

If it has been more than 10 days since you placed your order, please contact us to inquire about the status. Please email the Shipping Manager at info@rubberbandguns.com or call our office at (605)719-9488.

I ordered my rubber band guns using the check/money order option. Where do I send the check/money order?

Please make out the check or money order to Magnum Enterprises, LLC. You can send the check to the following address:
Magnum Enterprises, LLC
P.O. Box 3861
Rapid City, SD 57709
Your rubber band gun order will be processed after we receive your money order, or after your personal check clears.

Why do I have to give you my phone number and email address? Do you share this information with anyone else?

We ask for this information so that we can contact you quickly and efficiently should there be a problem with your rubber band gun order. We do not distribute any information (name, address, phone number or email) to anyone else, personal or commercial. We consider your personal information confidential, and do not divulge it for any reason.

Can you send me a catalog of your rubber band gun products?

Magnum Enterprises, LLC does not publish a retail catalog of our rubber band gun products or accessories. We encourage anyone who wants to review our product line to visit our website, where 99 percent of our rubber band guns are represented. Any of the page(s) of our website may be printed, for non-commercial use only. Commercial use of any of the contents of this website is forbidden without express, written permission from Magnum Enterprises, LLC.

I own/work for a business that would like to carry your rubber band guns. How do I contact you?

Anyone interested in selling/marketing our rubber band gun products should fill out the Reseller's Application which can be accessed by clicking on the Resellers button at the top of our home page or by clicking on Reseller's Application link. Once we review your application you will be directed to our wholesale site where you can review wholesale pricing of our products. You can then place your orders directly from this site or you can phone or fax them in to us.

A part broke/is missing on my rubber band gun. What should I do?

Contact Magnum Enterprises, LLC right away. Please have the rubber band gun with you at time of contact. A member of Magnum Enterprises will walk you through an inspection of the rubber band gun. If customer repairs are feasible, replacement parts will be sent to you with instructions, usually at no cost.

Do you sell the plans/blueprints or parts for the rubber band guns?

We do not currently sell the plans or the parts to any of our rubber band guns. Woodworking groups – such as school shop classes – the Boy/Girl Scouts of America, and other community groups should contact us at info@rubberbandguns.com for exceptions to this rule.

Can I use regular rubber bands on the pistols? How about the rifles?

Most of our rubber band gun pistols can fire most commonly available rubber bands. However, almost all of our rifles take a custom-sized rubber band that is very difficult to find anywhere else. Our rubber bands are of the highest quality available and have a very high percentage of natural rubber content. This is important, because a higher rubber content means the band will retain its elasticity much longer. It will also shoot harder than most standard office type of bands.

My rubber band gun broke. What should I do?

First, do not use the rubber band gun again if the tip of the barrel, the barrel, or any of the wood around the trigger mechanism is cracked or broken. Please contact us at info@rubberbandguns.com or call (605) 719-9488 IMMEDIATELY. Some damage to the rubber band guns can be repaired, but it must be evaluated by an employee of Magnum Enterprises, LLC.

Can you make me a custom rubber band gun?

Sorry! We do not make custom rubber band guns. However, we do have the capability to custom print logos or company names on specific guns in place of the regular gun name. There is a $50.00 set up fee for making the printing plate and we will need several weeks advance notice to produce the guns. Please call us to discuss the details of your request.