About Us

Magnum Enterprises, LLC, the nation’s leading seller and manufacturer of rubber band guns, is located in Rapid City, S.D. We have offered the world’s finest lines and most extensive selection of rubber band gun pistols and rifles since 1992.

The rubber band gun products range from tiny pocket derringers to full size Gatling guns that can dent the armor of a tank (well, not really, but it sure seems like it!). All of our Magnum 12® rubber band guns are made out of top quality wood, many of which are cut in the style of real pistols and rifles.

We currently carry over 70 different styles and models to suit every person's needs – with rubber band gun accessories to personalize almost any pistol or rifle. Capacities include, 6-shot, 12-shot, 20-shot, and even an 80-shot Gatling Gun. We also sell wooden swords, axes, popguns, slingshots, and specialized spinner targets for our rubber band guns.

In addition to our Rapid City headquarters, our rubber band guns and wooden toys can be found at many festivals, street shows and market days across the nation. We also wholesale our rubber band guns and products to retail outlets and stores. New wholesale customers are always welcome. Please fill out the reseller’s application form, and you will be contacted soon.

Along with our unique and fun toys for kids, We pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence and polite service. The rubber band gun business welcomes comments, suggestions and feedback. Email can be sent to info@rubberbandguns.com. To ensure a prompt reply, please include your name, address, phone number and fax number (where applicable).