Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun

This 80 shot Gatling Gun is the ultimate weapon! Just load it up, turn the crank and be amazed by its awesome firepower. It sprays rubber bands like a hose sprays water up to 40 feet away. It is approximately 3 feet long, 2 feet high and sits on a tripod. It articulates up & down and swivels left & right for shooting the enemy in all directions. Every C.E.O. should have one for keeping those board meetings in line! This gun is a finely crafted work-of-art made out of select poplar hardwoods. Although fully functional and made to last, it is not intended for a child's rough play. The gun comes with 1 pound of blue #125 ammo and is shipped in a custom storage/shipping box.

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Jr. Devastator Gatling Gun

This 80-shot Gatling gun is the ultimate weapon and the finest rubber band gun on the market ! Ju..