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Kitchen Hacks

While spending the afternoon shooting rubber bands at each other sounds like a great time, the rubber band is good for many other uses as well, especially in the kitchen. Put those rubber bands to other good uses by employing any one of these rubber band hacks for everyday kitchen needs. Some you may have heard of before, and others may be a new trick for you. Try them all out!

Keep an apple fresh – Don’t have any lemon juice on hand to keep your sliced apple fresh until you are ready to eat it for lunch? Just grab a rubber band, slice your apple as usual, and then use the rubber band to put it back together and keep the pieces in place. It traps the moisture in and keeps it from browning too fast.

Keep other food fresh – If you didn’t use all of the prepackaged food you opened earlier, use a rubber band to tie the package together. Got some fresh fruits or veggies? Tie a paper towel around them to keep them fresh longer in the refrigerator.

Keep a lid in place – Got a loose lid on your Tupperware of leftovers that just won’t stay in place and keeps falling off? Use a rubber band to keep it in place.

Keep a utensil from falling into a bowl – If you’re mixing up some ingredients for your dinner and the spoon you’re using keeps falling into the bowl and getting dirty, keep it in place by putting a rubber band around the handle where it hits the top of the bowl and it’ll keep it from falling.

Grip a jar lid – Wrap a rubber band around the lid of a jar you’re having a hard time opening and use it to help you open the jar. Never let the fact that you just put lotion on stand in the way of getting some pickles for your sandwich again!

Control Soap Dispenser Output – Not everyone needs the full amount of soap that gets dispensed, especially kids. Take a rubber band and wrap it around the neck of the pump of a soap dispenser and get smaller amounts of soap out instead.

Leaky Faucet – Wrap a rubber band around a leaky faucet to keep it from dripping if you do not have any tools on hand to tighten it.

Mark Liquid Level of Container – If you just love almond milk, but can never tell how much you have left because the container is not see through, use a rubber band to wrap around it as you use it each time to mark where the liquid level is at.

 And who could forget the age old trick, wrap the rubber band around the spray handle extension on the kitchen faucet so when your annoying sibling tries to turn on the water, they get blasted with a cold stream of water instead? Just make sure you take it off before mom or dad come by!

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